An Artsy “Art Insider” on SF Tech and Art


In Artsy, Sabrina Buell, a San Francisco-based art advisor at Zlot Buell + Associates, considers the SF Tech community’s relationship to art collecting. The article opens by wondering why the 2010 SF Creators Project didn’t usher in a new age of art and tech in San Francisco. Ms. Buell then suggests that the Tech community simply isn’t interested in art+tech work, and proceeds to consider more traditional media artists.

Artsy: What are tech-world collectors buying? Do certain artists appeal to them?


SB: One trend that is commonly assumed, but is wrong, is that people in the tech world like to collect “tech art”—new media or art with screens, or that incorporates computer technology into the work. That’s not the case.

Is it self evident that art+tech work isn’t desirable by the Tech worker community? Can the rich community of art+tech work in SF simply be dismissed so easily? Look for the next Artup event to add your voice to this discussion.

  • Artup 2013