Artup Grant 1 Given to SONICWALK

The First Artup Grant tonight was given to Geoff Morris for SONICWALK.

SONICWALK is a system for transposing soundscapes from one physical location to another. Participants can use their mobile device to make geotagged field recordings and upload them as a map. When a sonic map is loaded in another location, the sounds are transposed onto the local geography, which the user traverses by walking through physical space. Spectral processing techniques (manipulation of amplitude, panning, reverb, and frequency) are applied to simulate the field recordings’ distribution in space. SONICWALK is a timecapsule, a way of connecting to places you’ve left behind, a method of digitourism, and a means of collapsing physical distance.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing how this develops. Apply to our next grant at

  • Artup 2013