Artup 3 Review: Art, Tech, and Gentrification in San Francisco

Artup 3 Panel Arts writer Dorothy Santos has penned a review of Artup 3 in Hyperallergic. She correctly identifies many of the points of contention and obstacles ahead in continuing the conversation on Art+Tech in the Bay.

The Bay Area has long been known for its diversity, activism, and social justice, which is a heritage we can be draw from to deal with these changes. But to truly understand how art and art practices may be able to help address what is driving the soul of the city away, it may be best to not succumb to the jargon based within institutionalized frameworks for legitimacy. Ultimately, the art and technology markets are just that — capitalist endeavors. A tension will always exist. Yet we need to be willing to build new infrastructures or models, such as The Bay Area Public School, Noisebridge, or Codame, to help advance and evolve the conversation on how we can reengineer arts and technology in the Bay Area.

  • Artup 2013